Friday, March 8, 2013

Self Portraits: Creative Links

This week was really busy with my birthday celebration and starting back to work after 2 months off of maternity leave.
I will continue the "Seeing Myself in St. Louis" series next week.  However, I did touch on my love for Benton Park a bit in my last post.  Anyway, these are my portraits from my first day back at work yesterday, driving around inner city St. Louis and the county teaching kids with visual impairments.

NS Pottery---> Super Cute Pottery!!!  I got one of her Latte Mugs for my Birthday!! Go check her out.  Oh her jewelry is beautiful!!
Tenacious Eats--->Luke and I went to celebrate my birthday with Tenacious Eats at Meyers Grove in St. Louis.  They are like Chefs Gone Wild Meets Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They usually show a film and serve 5-6 course meal based around the theme of the movie.  Tuesday Night's movie was Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Make Your Own Canvas Portrait--->I love canvas portraits! I love when I learn of a method to do it on my own.  This is next week's creative challenge!!

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