Thursday, January 24, 2013

Art Talk

I feel like this maternity leave is becoming an art sabbatical. I have really been digging into the beginning of organizing a few pieces of art for some art shows in St. Louis and working with my friends at Art Dimensions here on the 2013 Art D-Tour (a bus tour of the art museums in St. Louis). Yesterday, I also spent a few hours in our new basement putting together our art studio (photos to come on that). The pastor of our church always says "great things come out of basements and garages."  I like to think of our basement art studio that way.

I also think of an art studio as a place where this happens:

I found this quote on my yoga studio's facebook page and have been pondering it ever since.

FYI: I am also going to be adding an "In the Studio" page on my blog to show photos of my current projects and community collaborations.

Yesterday, I found a circular piece of wood that was beckoning to be painted on.  So before dinner, Shyla and I sat for an hour and collaborated on building up the background of this piece of wood for a painting.  I ended up adding some more white chalk to it to fade the colors a bit , but am a little lost on where to go from here. This painting just sort of happened.  I am thinking a photo transfer and adding some text.  Any thoughts?

What activities do you guys get lost in?


elizabeth said...

excited to see where you take this piece. I think its great :)

julie johnson said...

Thanks Elizabeth! I have been a little confused on where to take it, but I think I am going to takao all Robert Raushenberg on it and do a collage with a photo transfer