Friday, December 7, 2012

Self-Portraits with the iPad3 Camera (it's so much fun!!)

So Shyla and I had a ball this evening photographing ourselves on the iPad3 camera (the joint photos of us will be posted later).  I love experimenting with the ipad3 camera.  The pictures are kind of grainy but you can do some really fun self-portraits of yourself when your turn the camera on your self.  I edited them using the iPhoto app.

I played with some old styles of flair that I have been known to wear in the past.  I decided it was time to start rocking it old school again and wear some of my scarves on my head again.  I like this feeling.  Rocking it old school Julie circa 2001-2006.   Head scarves and big earring are my favorite!

Being able to see yourself as you take a pictures is pretty fun.  It's almost like playing with film.

 The ipad camera lets you play with camera angles.

Overly dramatic facial expressions.
And abstract self portrait shots....

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