Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living the Creative Life

People often ask when I find the time to do anything outside of being a mom, wife, or teacher. I usually joke and say "It's the beauty of Attention Deficit Disorder."

Here is the my "dig deep" answer:

Creating makes us mentally healthy, loving, resilient people. For me, it is not about finding the time. It is about putting creativity into my daily routine. This blog is becoming a natural part of my day because it is a creative outlet and constant source of innovation through the various ways that I can tell my story and share the beauty of the amazing people that have helped shape it as well as get inspired by the people that have taken similar routes. I am also creating a space in my life that invites the visual arts, fashion, connection, and innovation into a cyber matrix that reminds me (and hopefully the people that read these words) that life is meant to be lived with the purpose of story sharing and art making (whatever your medium might be).

We are all natural creators. I just think sometimes we need to be reminded that spirit lives in all of us.

That is why I am here. This is what we do here.....

.......with funk and flair.

......and the opportunity to let our lights shine. 

As Shyla says "Shine! Shine! Shine!."

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