Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking Ahead

I am really excited about all the people contributing their gifts and talents to the development of this blog.  It inspires me everyday to e-mail my long time friends and new friends about collaborating ideas on contributing their work to this. I love it.  It gives me energy and keeps me going.  So to those of you that are contributing and collaborating with me!  THANK YOU!!  Your creative energy feeds me.

So since I am a teacher and a planner both in the world of blogging and in my personal life, I really wanted to give you guys some insight on what I have planned ahead for this blog in the next few days:

The Highlights

December 13, 2013:

Creative iPad App Highlight: Paper by 53

December 15:



Tangled Mane Owner Guest Blogger: Lane Leavens
Photo Credit: Instagram and Lane Leavens

Tangled Mane's Vintage Ethnic Leather Body Cross Bag Giveaway:

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