Friday, December 21, 2012

Inspiring, Fun Things from the Last 48 Hours

This entry just needs to be fun.  I have done so many adult things in the last 48 hours that the only thing I want to do is photograph and post some fun photos of the new flair in Shyla and I's life.  We have a mortgage, a safe deposit box, a move arranged, and a maternity leave organized.  Life is exciting right now, but organizing and coordinating can really wipe my brain dry.  Thank goodness for the inspiring book I am reading and the following photos and quotes.  I love these simple, creative, and inspiring moments, especially when I get home from work.  Tomorrow is yoga and time with friends.  This is good. Real good.  9 days off work is good too.

"I use to think the rules were made by someone else.  Now I know we can make some of our own."
-Bob Goff, Love Does

"Jesus continues to select broken and splattered people not just as followers but as participants.  He called people like me who can't even figure out which part of the plastic bag to open His hands, He called people who trip everyday His feet, and He called people who can't figure out which way to turn a screw to tighten it or even stack a cake correctly the ones who would build a kingdom.   And then, if we're willing, He serves us up -rocks, small bits of asphalt, and all." -Bob. G.

Fun Photos via Camera Bag App

A literal sneak peak at Shyla's new bangs (Filter: 1962)

Earrings that my coworker surprised me with yesterday, (1974 Filter)

Collaborative Flair Look from today (Filter: ColorCross, my favorite)

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