Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Favorite Blogs That I Follow

I love to read the blogs of artists, moms, and other creatives who share some of their ideas on food, art, marriage, child rearing and having fun!!  I think of these blogs like Pinterest, except they tell a the whole story. Please Note: All of these are lifestyle blogs geared around blending the creative with other everyday. While they are similiar, each woman has her own unique story and writing stlye that I absolutely love!

1. Cup of Jo
Joanna Goddard is a magazine writer and blogger who lives in New York City.  She blogs about fashion, marriage, parenting, and motherhood.

2. A Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess is a lifestyle created by Elsie and Emma.  They share simple way to created and inspired lifestyle.  They believe in taking the time each to make something pretty.  They believe in lifelong learning and that life doesn't need to be perfect to be meaningful.  I LOVE this girls photography!

3. Enjoying The Small Things
Kelle's photography style makes me cry.  Seriously.  She is a mother of a little girl with Down Syndrome.  She is advocate of the arts and creating a beautiful life for all people with special needs.  She is a woman after my own heart!

4. Momastery
Glennon is a very real writer.  She discusses everything from motherhood, marriage, faith, and the things she loves.

5. Ordinary Courage
If you know me at all, you know that I love Brene Brown and her books.

6. Dinner A Love Story
Our family is cooking out the book that was created because of this blog!!! It's a blog devoted to creating fantastic family dinners for families with full time working parents.!  Tonight we are making Pan Fried Hawaiian Pizza.

7. Casey Leigh
A very creative woman who owns an art studio in Dallas called "Feeling Artsy."  I just love her thoughts and whimsical writing and imagery in her art.

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