Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Angry Bald Man, This Season of Life, Evening Photo Walks, and Coffee

Here is Luke.  Tonight he decided to shave his head so it "shined on top,"  Mission: Accomplished.  He says he gets angrier the less hair he has.  This is his angry face.  

I really love good coffee.  Not the Folgers coffee, but good coffee.  I was soooo tired today. Not drained tired but just physically tired.  I drank an amazing cup of coffee from my Broadway Cafe in Kansas City.  The only other coffee that is as good as the coffee from Broadway is Goshen Coffee in St .Louis.  So yes, I tend to be a bit ethnocentric when it comes to my coffee.  In St. Louis Goshen is king.  In KC it is the Roasterie or Broadway. :)  That one cup of coffee got me through a 3 hour staff meeting and 2 1 hour progress meetings prior to that!!!! 

I made it to Core group on Tuesday afternoon!!  That was a very diverse and inspiring group of people.  I found it very enlightening to be sitting in a group with retired women and men, a stay at home, a working mom (me), a working dad/lawyer, and a windower.  Seriously, the insight and perspective you get from sitting in a group of people at different walks of life is just inspiring to me.  Hearing parenting advice from a 70 year old's perspective was priceless and highly powerful.  We talked a lot about seeing our lives in seasons.  It made me think of the season of life I currently am in. 
Summary: (1)  I am pregnant with baby no. 2, I am feeling grounded and settled in St. Louis, (3) Luke and I are in a place of financial thriving (my intention word for the year), (4): Luke and I are both also thriving in our careers. (5): Our friends in St. Louis are pretty much like family since our family lives out of town. I have found in this situation, the bonds with your friends are just as strong as family.  I am *convinced* of that.  This is a season of celebration for us.  It is also season where we are saving to buy a house and saying "yes" to more money making opportunities and "no" to more volunteer opportunities.  This is funny because at one point in time shortly after having Shyla I would have given anything to volunteer for a cause greater then myself just to connect to things that I knew would make me feel like anything else other then a new mom in a strange new city. However, I have noticed myself saying "no" to people and things that do not fall into my current season of life.  I have said "no" to many volunteer opportunities related to our church and organization that I work for. At the same time, I also notice myself saying yes to rich opportunities to connect with my best friends over coffee/meal, photos walks with Luke and Shyla, and time to read inspiration books like this one (yes this is next):  

I love Autumn.  I guess technically it isn't even autumn yet.  This evening it just felt really good.  After a very, long tiring day at work it was so much fun to go on an evening walk around the Maplewood Farmer's Market with the Bean while Luke made some business calls.  Shyla loved the flowers at the Market.  She might of actually walked off with one that was "free."  Here are some photos from our walk this evening:

An inside look at Black Cat Theater

Shyla was showing me her dance moves!

Yep, there is baby Asher-22 weeks and one of my favorite scarves.

That is Shyla about ready to steal a flower.

Tree trunks have a lot of symbolic meaning for me.

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