Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Headphones On Our Heads

A writing from last week's Metta Writing Class

The head phones that we wear connect our  head to our hearts with the fast beats of the Clash and the Cars rushing quickly between the 18 inches that exist between our head and heart. The fast beat and rhythmic sounds cancel out the decaying mixtape that is often times repeating itself in our heads  The headphones are an auditory reminder that we have to listen to sounds outside of our own mental beats in order to embrace the new sounds of loving kindness that come from the heart and into the head. These euphoric and strange sounds remind our hearts that we have the power to *choose* to listen to new sounds of loving kindness that come from outside ourselves and tells us we are beloved.

With  Flowers in our hands, a smile on our faces, we are reminded that we are like flower seeds in different states of blooming.  We sprout pedals when we learn to love those that do not know how to love back (yet). Our hearts and brain grow a few more inches when we decide we are worthy of own respect and loving kindness with no need to harbor subconscious anger from the past.

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