Monday, January 6, 2014

Life With ADHD: Eating for a Fierce Mind, Brave Heart

Since my second to last post about my decision to go on my ADHD meds, I have been diving into a deeper understanding of my mental condition, reading Delivered From Distraction a book by psychiatrist  Dr. Edward Hallowell, who specializes in this condition and has ADHD too. 

I have also been learning that to truly live well with ADHD, I have to pay attention to the food that I put into my body.  While I have always considered myself to be a health conscious person who focuses on the quality of the food I eat, I have to say that being real about living with ADHD means  being  well informed about the foods that help my medicine do it's job to keep my mind clear and focused so I can continue to grow spiritually with God and community around me.   After several discussions with my Naturopathic doctor and a health and wellness coach over the last three months, I have started really eating for spiritual and mental health, which then promotes overall physical health and wellness.  It's all connected. 

Here are a few foods and supplements that I have recently added to my diet to help me keep my mind fierce and heart brave:

Evening Primrose Oil
Fish Oil
Pomegranates to increase potassium, vitamin C and other antioxidantes
B-Complex Vitamins for energy and to manage stress
Leafy greens to increase iron levels 
Protein to help manage hyperactivity

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Mary Sauer said...

Julie, I love this! I have mild adhd and diet really really helps me. Especially avoiding processed sugars and upping my quality fat and protein intake.

You're inspiring, I am motivated to take a bigger grip on my choices and the way they change my mood and behavior.