Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Instagramming with Intention

Since I consider myself a photographer first, then blogger, instagram is probably one of my favorite social networks because it is all about the two things I love,  people and photography.  Anyway, while Instagram is a great photo app in general, it is a great way for you to easily keep track of the things that inspire you, stretch your photography skills, connect with people and promote good work.

1.Think of Instagram like Visual Swipe Files
.I like to think of it as a visual swipe files.  Swipe files, by definition are a collection of images, text,  or letters that copywriters and advertising professionals use to come up with new slogans or concepts. I travel around so many parts of the city day to day that I have the honor of seeing so many inspiring images, text, and people that inspire me and since my phone is on me at all times, it is the best way to document these inspiring moments and tuck them away for times when I need to brainstorm. Bottom Line: Photograph what you love and visually appeals to you.  There is a reason you love it.  Capture the visual moment.
2. Share Good Work 
 Austin Kleon, author of Steal Like an Artist often says that as artists and creative people we should "share good work."  I often times use Instagram as a way to share work that I have taken with my DSLR or a photo collage.
3. Photograph the People You Love
 My yoga teacher told me a few months ago to always take photos of your friends when they are healthy.  She said you will need those photos of them, especially on a day when one of you face chronic illness or God forbid, not with us one day.  Those photos of moments when the people we love the most are full of life are a true investment into the future.  My friend Michelle and I still have a photo that we took together when we were out for our friend's birthday that we will one day top.  I also love to take photos of Shyla  in her crazy, funny moments--they happen so quickly. I also love to photograph Luke playing with his kids and being the amazing father and husband that he truly is.

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