Wednesday, August 21, 2013

STaying Relevant

I have been sitting through quite a few webinars in the Art and Educational Technology world the last few days.  It's no wonder that my vocational call as an educational technology specialist and my life as an artist seem to drive home a similar message.: Stay Relevent.   When I first heard that phrase in terms of blogging, art, social media, etc, I honestly felt so much pressure that I called it pride.  But now as I sit blogging on here for personal purposes and blogging over at my ed. tech blog profressionally, I can honestly say that staying relevant is another way of saying "step further in God's story for you." Staying relevant means not being scared to keep searching out for community to help support your passions and talents.  Staying relevant is about keeping up with the condition of your own heart and where it is today.  If there is strife, staying relevant means keeping your relationships up to date: no harboring anger from your past allowed!  That sort of stuff is old news (my friends tell me that all the time).

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