Tuesday, January 15, 2013

InstaAWESOME Instagram Friend Collage

I like to show off the awesome "eyes" of my friends via Instagram every now and again. I love the filters on this app, but I always want to experiment further with how these photos can be used to generate fun art beyond social networking. Here was my first idea: collaging my friend's Instagram photos into a group photo collage using the Pic Collage App (photo credits below).

Photography credits (from left to right)
Instagram Photo @ jarvypants (Michelle Jarvis)
Instagram Photo @ samiam63116 (Samantha Hance)
Instagram Photo @ daniawesome (Danielle Anaya)
Instagram Photo @ maerosie (Mae Rose Petrehn)
Instagram Photo @ mlaboube (Mallory  Laboube)
Instagram photo @ chihiro003 (Susanna Isley Matney )

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