Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Love Big Group Giveaway!

Love Big Group Giveaway!


 As a special education teacher, artist, and lover for my hometown, Kansas City, this giveaway hits me close to my heart!  This giveaway is to help benefit the adoption of a child from China with special needs by the Kautzi Family in Overland Park, KS! Thumbs up to Melissa Van Wyck (a former high school classmate of mine) for shouting out about this adoption!

Please read their family's blog and follow it as they tell their story about their journey in adopting this awesome kid from China with special needs: Kautzi Family Blog and Adoption Story and check out Kelsey Kautzi's Etsy Shop called: Make Way Designs which was created to raise money to fund the adoption.

Because I have been reading Love Does and this whole adoption falls right in line with the theme of this book, we are going to make this a group giveaway!  So if you enter, you not only get one of Kelsey's Designs but you also get a FREE Copy of Love Does by Bob Goff just by winning.

Cover of Love Does

Please share the link to this page on your Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter Page to tel your friends about the giveaway and cause!


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