Sunday, December 9, 2012

Living Inside Hope

"The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what you hope for. And the most you can do is live inside that hope." -Barbara Kingsolver

I have mixed feelings about the concept of hope.  There is a part of me that takes on Pema Chodron's perspective on hope that is to say "F Hope."  Focus on the present moment.  But I think she is talking about people that have unrealistic expectations about the future that are not dictated by the present moment.  

I like the idea of living inside hope because it is a realistic perspective.  It's not like being in an abusive relationship and hoping for a day where your partner doesn't hurt you.  That's not hope. 

For me, living inside hope is looking at the present moment and praying that the good things in this moment expand my ability and concept of love for the future.  It's about expansion of the heart from the present period of time into the future.

I live inside of hope for:   

Luke and I's hearts to expand beyond our understanding as we welcome Asher into the world next month.

Shyla to understand that she is loved unconditionally by Luke and I as well as the people we have surrounded her with in her daily life.  More importantly, to understand that its ok to feel human feelings and express them in healthy ways to the people that love her.

That my need  for creativity and connection can fuel the inner desires of others to love big, dig deep, and create opportunities to pay that forward.

That our move to our new house at the end of this month is a smooth success considering everything else that is happening in our life.

for acceptance that sometimes our best prayer (as Anne Lamott puts it) is "help."

For me to continue feeling the blessings of imagination and grace everyday.

These are some of my favorite articles of clothing that always create zest: scarves and big, chunky rings.  The opportunity to move in this current season of life has helped me regenerate some passed fashions:

Old/ New Flair: We are in the process of moving to a new house at the end of December.  I have had the pleasure of  going through some of my old clothes.  I found one of my favorite old head scarves from back in the day.  I also had the opportunity to purchase this super fun, chunky wooden ring today with a gift card.  I was seriously channeling Janis Joplin this weekend with a side of Ani Difranco.

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