Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Zen Brush app on the iPad

As an educational technology specialist and an artist I LOVE to experiment with new creative apps on the iPad. My current favorite creative app that i like to play with is called Zen Brush. You can create Asian calligraphy signs on this app. I like to look up my favorite calligraphy symbols on the Internet and practice creating these. Here is my current power symbol in Japanese calligraphy. I killed a 2 hour wait at the doctor's office with this app. It was a reminder of how tedious and beautiful Calligraphy is, even electronically.

A few from yesterday:

Symbol: Balance
Paper: white
Ink: 6.6

On this app you can choose the various thicknesses of your ink as well as the color of your paper. For this design I chose the Japanese paper background and I got much thicker with my ink.

Symbol: Believe
Paper: Japanese
Ink: 10.4

Symbol: Life Energy
Paper: Bright Green

Anyway, this was a super fun way to let go in the OBs office yesterday over answering work emails and reading parenting/newborn magazines. Next time use this app I am going to use a stylus.

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