Sunday, September 30, 2012

You Feel Like Home Pt 3:I Will Learn to Love the Skies I am Under

Have I mentioned how much I love the new Mumford and Son's album?? I LOVE it.  I absolutely love it. I listen to it all day.  I replay the same songs (although every song is quite meaningful and touching).
My favorite song is Hopeless Wanderer (Track 9), Lover's Eyes (Track 7),  and I Will Wait, (Track 3)
My favorite lyric on "Hopeless Wanderer" is: Don't let your heart grow cold.  I will call you by name.
and the last line of the song that says: I will learn to love the skies I am under. 
God, how seriously powerful is that last statement.  The idea to be called by name, to be known in one place.  That is why I love that song. It puts into words how it feels to finally be at a place where I am completely satisfied with my location and situation in my life. This is a good season. I have prayed for a fruitful season after 3 years of feeling like I was in a constant tornado of transition. I have grown to love the day to day routine.  I love monotony.  LOVE IT!   For so many years I feel like I was always waiting for that one thing to make me feel whole satisfied.  That one job, degree, or location.  Turns out, it was everything.  Moving from a place to known (KC), unknown (Seattle), pregnant, and unknown and new mom (St. Louis).  It feels amazing to finally be in a city, in a season of life, where I don't think I would change a thing. It is a sweet season.  We need this season.

As mentioned in other posts, I love autumn.  I absolutely love Autumn.  I love the activity that occurs in our house in Autumn. October is full of meaningful, beautiful, simple activity.  It is full of activity with people that I will gladly fill my schedule for because those activities give me creative energy and add so much color to my life. My parents are coming into town, Art D-Tour (next weekend),we have birthdays with friends, simple Autumn walks, preparing for Baby Asher, new music from some my favorite bands, and most importantly Luke and I's anniversary is November 10!!!  Luke was telling me about how this great event he wants to do for our anniversary called "Movies for Foodies" at Chef Elizabeth Schuster's new bar.  Yes, it is a lesbian bar.  Where else would we spend our anniversary?  Of course, in the Grove :-)  Btw, Grove Fest is next weekend and yes, I am going to photograph that event to death :)  This artist that I have met through Art Dimension painted some of the dead trees on the street bright colors for the festival`.

Michelle took this photo when we did our photo walk  in the grove a few weeks ago.  We loved these painted dead trees.
 Luke has had some fantastic opportunities to participate in some great community oriented culinary events this season.  It is awesome so see him soar and feel rooted in his passion for all things in the food world.  Luke is always constant.  He knew the day that he started baking at Wheatfields 8 years ago that was his calling in life.  Meanwhile, I wrestled with many different routes and jobs. My A.D.D. has lead me down some interesting career paths and college majors over the years.  I guess they are good for story telling. I think my Dad was just excited that I finally got my degree and a job.  Not Luke, even in all the cities we have lived in, he has still loved baking and the culinary world.  Anyway, he is currently soaring and making great community connections.  It is nice to see us both rooted in a place where we can both soar, stumble, and get back up for many seasons of life to come. We wear Autumn well in our family.  We love the leaves, the crisp colors in the air, the gatherings, and the growth that comes when the leaves begin to change.

Today Shyla and I took a walk around the Loop on Delmar to get my friend Katie a baby shower present.  It was so much fun to just watch people enjoy the vitamin D and cooler early fall temperatures.  It is was blissful.  Now that Shyla is getting older, I really enjoy these moments with her.  She enjoys watching people hip hop dance in the streets and likes brightly colored public art (ok I am probably fostering this love of hers by exposure, but she is enjoying it).  It is really enjoyable.  Here are some photos from today.:

Shyla was about as excited as me to get up early to take Luke downtown for Taste of St. Louis.  At least there was good coffee.

Shyla is going through a pink phase.  Can you tell?

I found these beautiful, bright seats at the Hookah Bar on Delmar.  I want these seats in my house that we buy next year.

I just could not stop photographing them.


Katie's Baby Shower Present!!!!
Can't for her shower tomorrow!!!

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